We offer solutions, not only product or services.
For the convenience of our Customers, we offer training services of any Shini equipment and content:

  • Start-up of the equipment
  • After -sales
  • Tailor-made training to each customer’s requirements

Training can be organized at any time and any place, either in Customer’s place or in ShiniEurope’ s head office.
This is the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical skills using the most trusted, experienced ShiniEurope’s technicians.
Training may concern any product from Shini’s offer with particular emphasis on automation:

  • Installation and start-up step by step
  • Hardware and software robot in practice
  • Safety regulations
  • Maintenance methods

The details trainings is available on your request. Please contact our office  to know more.

Feel free to see the photo gallery from trainings.

Reference examples below.

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